We offer gratuity-free, hourly services grounded in integrity, education, and quality.


Sweep proudly charges hourly rates which is a simpler, more streamlined way to charge. Booking hourly with our team allows us to tailor sessions based upon the guest's hair goals, budget and available time. Each stylist charges a different hourly rate, which can be found on our website. Each stylist’s hourly rate reflects their experience, specialties, and demand on their time. We celebrate individual growth at Sweep; understanding that with our more senior stylists, budgets can be exceeded. We are always happy to recommend you to a stylist more in line with your budget. 


Since our stylists charge an hourly rate it ensures that our team is making a competitive living wage and does not need to rely on tips. We are a gratuity-free salon. Our stylists do not accept tips of any kind. If you would like to show your stylist more appreciation, leave a review and send all your friends! 


Each stylist has a unique hourly rate that is inclusive of all products and techniques needed to achieve each guest's hair goals. No add ons or up-charges. For our clients, this means more transparent pricing and clearer expectations for their total cost at the end of their services.


From the moment you walk in the front door, we want you to feel welcomed into the space. We have technology to assist the check-in process. You will have access to your stylists info so you can contact them directly if you are running behind. There are drink stations at all locations where you can make yourself an oatmilk latte, or a tea.o.graphy tea and then hang out in our waiting area. Your stylist will not be double booking. Since Sweep is gratuity-free, when you check out, we can charge the card on file or your stylist can use a different credit card if you would prefer.  


All services at Sweep are inclusive and gender free. We are dedicated to creating a safe salon space for all.